• Frequency/time domain measurement AP268X

    Optical complex Spectrum Analyzers
    Intensity, phase, chirp vs time ; constellation and eye diagram
    Frequency/time domain measurement AP268X
  • Top of the line Optical Spectrum Analyzers AP208X

    Fast sweeping
    High resolution : 5/20/100/140MHz
    Top of the line Optical Spectrum Analyzers AP208X
  • Optical Spectrum Analyzers AP201X/AP206X/AP207X

    3 inputs
    High resolution : 5 MHz / 0.04 pm
    Optical Spectrum Analyzers AP201X/AP206X/AP207X


High resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzers

Discover the world highest resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer's models with 5 MHz/40 fm optical bandwidth filter resolution and choose the one corresponding to your need.

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Optical Complex Spectrum Analyzers

An High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer and an High Bandwidth Optical Modulation Analyzer in one equipment.

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AP268XA series complex spectrm analyzer
Optical Test Platform